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Enterprise Business Mobility

At ONEASSOCIATES we understand that you may have very specific needs for managing and integrating your enterprise information on Mobile. We have rich experience in designing and developing customized mobile solution to suit your needs. We understand the need of a mobile worker.


Customized Mobile Solution

Mobile Applications or websites running on device. Bring your custom enterprise capability on the handheld devices and smart phones.

Mobile Ordering Solution

Supply chain management requires that Order should flow to the production team in Real time. Mobile ordering provides real time facility to store owners and manufacturers the ease of knowing real time order status as well as convenience to order Anywhere * Anytime.


Mobile Inspection Solution

Leisure Industry , Building Inspection , Field Inspectors are required to work in the field in difficult conditions using notebooks and pen. Mobile Inspection software on handheld or smart phone devices with bar code scanning capabilities can increase productivity significantly.

Mobile Sales Solution

In the last 4 years our team has worked extensively on integration & customization projects in various Sales and CRM systems including SugarCRM, Custom CRM, Siebel and Salesforce on Mobile. We possess knowledge in the following areas

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